Goloka Sweetgrass Incense Sticks 15g

Goloka Sweetgrass Incense Sticks 15g

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1 box of 15g Incense (Approx. 13~15 sticks) - 30 minute burn time.

Box reads: Sweetgrass (hierchloe odorata) which translates literally as "sacred grass" and is found both in the Old World and the New. The scent is used in spirituality and prayer. They are often used for smudging and their sweet smell is said to please ALL the spirits. Most people burn sage after burning sweetgrass as this will keep less positive forces at bay. This healing herb has a prominent place in daily ritual and prayer as well as a place in aboriginal medicine. The active ingredient in sweetgrass that makes it smell so wholesomely wonderful is coumarin. Enter the World of Wellness in a Natural and Healthy Way!

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